Silk Road Market

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Welcome to Silk Road.

Silk Road market is the darknet's first and oldest darknet marketplace. Founded in 2011 by Ross Ulbricht who went by the moniker Dread Pirate Roberts. Silk Road paved the way for today's darknet marketplaces with almost the same structure used over 10 years later. In 2013 Ross Ulbritch was arrested by the FBI after a specialist task force was assembled to take down the darkweb market known as Silk Road.

Ross was unjustly sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. There are hundreds of activists and fans lobbying for his release.

Silk Road was resurrected from the dead 6 months after the first was seized and has been alive since, with a dedicated team of skilled engineers ensuring it is impossible for the market to be found this time.

Silk Road is now accessible to anyone on the darknet using the tor browser and has a collection of the best darknet vendors and products on all of the black market.

Silk Road market links can be found only of this website, anyone can buy or sell on the Silk Road market and all the have to do is register and account and fund their on site bitcoin wallet to make a purchase.

Vendors who want to sell on Silk Road must pay a vendor bond as an insurance against scammers.

Your account can be PGP protected for extra protection.

Sticky Listings Silk Road allows promotion of items with sticky listings.

Message are wiped from the server after some time to keep users safe if their account is compromised.

Vendor Reporting System - if you see something on Silk Road that looks like it can be against the rules or is trying to scam people, press the report button.

Warning Points System - allows ScamWatch and Staff to punish vendors or users who repeatedly do actions which are not allowed or which slow down processes. Useful feature for buyers to check on vendors profile to ensure they are dealing with a vendor who goes by the platform rules.

4% for Vendors usingTraditional Escrow orFinalize Early